Urban pork egg prices vulnerable to run in China

Urban pork egg prices vulnerable to run in China


According to the Shaoguan Municipal Development and Reform department price monitoring data show last month (March) since urban pork, egg prices continued to decline, weak run.

From the monitoring data, as of yesterday (April 19), the urban market is booming pig meat per kilogram retail price (below) 20 yuan, 26 yuan lean meat, ribs 40 yuan, respectively, over the same period the previous month retail price fell 6 yuan, four yuan and 10 yuan. Complete egg company fresh eggs per kilogram retail price from 12.6 yuan in early January fell to 10.6 yuan, down 15.87 percent.

Price monitoring staff analysis, pork, egg prices is mainly due to the relatively abundant supply, demand is relatively weakened. Egg prices have been high since last year, laying Bulan enthusiasm for breeders, Bulan has entered the last year laying hens, with no major outbreak last winter and spring, an adequate supply of eggs; in addition, the public after the Spring Festival pork, egg consumption has decreased, the market oversupply weaker demand, supply and demand imbalance leads to pork, egg prices fell.

As temperatures rise into the sales season, if there is no significant impact of the epidemic, as well as in the case of demand has not improved, the price monitoring staff expected the recent pork, egg prices will run low.

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