What Is Sanitary Valves

Sanitary valves聽and fitting that site that is very high for health level requirement to use and are used for pharmacy, food etc. As sanitary ball valve, sanitary butterfly valve etc.

Sanitary products

Generally procurement is configuration that pharmaceutical factory or food factory are used for maintenance and related equipment. Purchasing agent is basically pharmaceutical, food equipment, system integrators and buy wholesale, etc.

Specifically, sanitary valve pipe fittings suitable for food, beverage, dairy, pharmaceutical, brewing, beer, chemical industry, oil, etc.Imported SUS304, 316 l, can meet the food, biological pharmacy field and the special requirements of various kinds of medium, its smooth, seamless, automatic emptying handicraft fluid channel is also very suitable for the need of steam step it in-place cleaning, in the manufacturing process according to the FDA requires strict quality control, USES the computer 3 d design, was made for the GMP requirements.

GMP is a kind of quality assurance or manufacturing management system with professional characteristics, made to ensure food safety and quality through a series of measures and methods of food production process and technical requirements. It is a kind of special pay attention to product quality in the process of production and the autonomy of health security management system, is a kind of specific product quality guarantee system, requirements of the factory in the manufacturing, packaging and shipping products related personnel in the process of configuration and the set of buildings, facilities, equipment and hygiene, manufacturing process, product quality management, etc.In accordance with Good manufacturing practices, to prevent the products in unhygienic conditions, or may cause pollution and bad quality under the environment of production, reduce production accidents, ensuring product safety and health and stable quality and the quality of the finished product conforms to the standard.

1 stainless steel valves can be used in chemical, petroleum, metallurgy, water warms, food, medicine and other industries of water, gas, oil and control the corrosive medium.
2 health valve,sanitary pump, sanitary pipe, pipe fittings, special industry specialized in dairy products, food, pharmacy, beer, cosmetics and other industrial fields.Such as health level valve is used to access such as wine, vinegar liquid.Including the fluctuation two parts, part is on the opening and closing plate, the bottom is divided into the main body, the body consist of lid, the main shell and valve core, in the main shell of the tube wall is equipped with vent of produced liquid, the vent end on trachea, the other end connect to atmospheric vent;Fixed a mention in the product of the valve core rod, on the valve core has a spring seat, spring seat placed on spring; products cover cap top center opened a hole; opening and closing plate over the lid of main body, opening and closing plate connecting rod, on opening and closing plate fixed handle and vent plug.Separate container sealed at ordinary times, from the air, in order to keep condiments original taste, extend the storage time; when tap can required for filling the air at the same time, to make liquid flow, the valve structure simple, easy, sealed performance is good, easy to operate.

According to different standards system products, can be suitable for the corresponding equipment and engineering standard system, and can according to user requirements, production of non-standard products, special purpose shall apply.