Why addictive eating spicy chili

Why addictive eating chili


Spicy, we did not seem strange, folk laugh: spicy Sichuanese not afraid, not afraid of spicy Hunan, Guizhou spicy afraid. Seen in many people’s lives spicy importance. However, we really understand the “hot” yet?

It’s sense of touch,spicy food will be addicted

The reason why people will feel hot, because the pepper, ginger and other food credit of some chemicals (such as capsaicin, ginger one, ginger alcohol, etc.), and in these types of compounds, capsaicin is the most common, the most widely distributed spicy substances. Capsaicin stimulate cells in the brain to form a similar stimulus trace burning feeling, so in fact, whether the tongue or other organs of the body, as long as the nerve can feel where you can feel hot. This also explains why some people can feel hot, but some people do not feel hot, because everyone is different spicy pain.

Maybe we have had such an experience, sometimes I feel the food is not fragrant, but if put some pepper sauce, such as in the food, immediately felt appetite, eating will be enough, the same as addiction. Why eat chili addictive it?

A long time to eat chili addictive, there is one word to describe this feeling – “capsaicin pleasure.” This is a lot by eating foods rich in capsaicin caused euphoria. The reason is that when the sense of capsaicin brought spicy tongue, oral nerve endings when the body’s nervous system reflex appear heartbeat, saliva and sweat secretion, gastrointestinal motility faster redouble “work”, but excited sexual stimulation causes the brain to release endorphins , and then eat the brain that will stimulate hit, then release more endorphins. Endorphins in the brain will promote another substance – secrete dopamine. Dopamine is a brain endocrine, epinephrine similar substances that can affect a person’s mood, in a short time it is highly excited. So “hedonism” brains Let’s eat spicy food addiction, strong spicy smell that had the urge to eat. Like, like jogging, running also releases endorphins, so runners will run cool addictive.

Ice water is not the solution

After eating spicy foods tend to tears, snot DC, lips swollen, and sometimes scalp tingling feeling. At this point, we may first reaction is to find a cup of ice water solution of hot, in fact, is not a good way to ice the solution spicy.

Water can relieve nerve stimulation spicy on the tongue, does not neutralize capsaicin, capsaicin is not soluble in water, not only can not wash away and will make more widely spread to the capsaicin receptor to aggravate burning sensation.

That drink it hot solution quickly and efficiently? Milk is a good choice, pure milk which contains large amounts of casein, a good emulsifier, mucosal cells may play a role in repair and mitigate the degree of sensory nerve irritation and burns due to hot gastrointestinal epithelium. (From Science Museums of China)

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