Why The Sanitary Diaphragm Valve Is The First Choice For The Biopharmaceutical Industry?

A Kind of Most Purity Straight-Through Valves

Sanitary diaphragm valves are known as “clean valves.” They are the first choice in the biopharmaceutical industry because they are ideal for ultra-pure and sensitive media requiring unobstructed flow, throttling and positive shutdown. The sanitary diaphragm valve is the only truly clean straight-through valve in pharmaceutical applications. All other suitable valves are 90 degree valves.

The hygienic diaphragm isolates the process medium from the environment and all moving parts of the valve, protecting the media from contamination while preventing it from interfering with valve operation. Premium diaphragms also offer excellent steam resistance and long-term durability.

Sanitary diaphragm valve features

The valve body does not have any entrainment area and is also self-draining when installed in a line with 2 degrees of inclination.

Most sanitary diaphragm valves bodies are made of forged 316L stainless steel. The porosity of the forgings is much lower than that of the castings. This will polish the valve to a surface finish as low as 10RA.

They can also be electropolished for better surface finish.

The simple design of the sanitary diaphragm body allows it to be configured with multiple valves in a single block tailored to the specific application.

Sanitary diaphragm valves are “top inlet” valves. The bonnet and diaphragm can be repaired without removing the valve body from the production line. This allows the valve to be welded in place or clamped from the system.