Youth stole €93 cosmetics from pharmacy during ‘dark period’

Youth stole €93 cosmetics during ‘dark period’


A YOUNG man who stole cosmetics from pharmacy when he was going through a “dark period” in his life has been given a three-month suspended sentence at Balbriggan District Court

Ryan Myles (21) was assessed for community service work, but as he is due to have an operation he was deemed unsuitable by the Probation Services.

Myles, of St Benan’s Villas, Laytown, pleaded guilty to the theft of €93 worth of cosmetics from Care Pharmacy in Skerries last August 7.

He further pleaded guilty to being in possession of €25 worth of cannabis resin last December 24 in Balbriggan.

Sgt Tony Tighe had previously given evidence that Myles went into the pharmacy, took the goods and left without paying. He said he was arrested a short time later and all of the items were recovered in a resalable condition.

Judge Dermot Dempsey had remanded the case for a probation and welfare report to see if Myles was suitable to complete 240 hours of community service in lieu of a prison sentence.

However, as he is due to have an operation, he was deemed unsuitable by the Probation Services.

Myles, who has 10 previous convictions, is now proceeding with tentative steps to re-establish control of his life through absenteeism from substances, according to the Probation Services report.

His solicitor said the offences occurred when the defendant was homeless and “going through a dark period in his life”.

“He is now living in rented accommodation,” the solicitor added, asking Judge Dermot Dempsey not to impose a custodial sentence.

Judge Dempsey said he would proceed with a suspended sentence and placed him on a peace bond for two years with a condition being that he address his drug addictions through the Probation Services.

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