Conjunto de filtração de membrana microporosa simples para água e ar

Single Microporous Membrane Filtration

Single Microporous Membrane Filtration Assembly is full stainless steel design, the filter housing material can be T304, T316L etc. The filtration structure is folded type millipore membrane filter, the cartridge material can be PTFE, PP, Polysulfone, Nylon, CA etc. The single microporous membrane filtration can filter liquid, gas, 0.1um above particles and bacteria. Wellgreen provides system membrane filtration assembly of stainless steel filter housing, microporous membrane cartridge, braçadeiras triplas, válvulas sanitárias, seal materials etc.

Membrane Filters

Membrane filters are microporous plastic films with specific pore size ratings. Also known as screen, sieve or microporous filters, membranes retain particles or microorganisms larger than their pore size primarily by surface capture. Some particles smaller than the stated pore size may be retained by other mechanisms.

Technical Data

  • Filter element of Milipore Pall of America is available.
  • Cartridge core: 3-core, 5-pin, 7-pin, 9-pin, 11-pin, 13-pin, 15-pin or on request.
  • Folded filter length: 2.5 “, 5″, 10″, 20″, 30″,40”, customized fabrication available.
  • 0.1?m, 0.22?m, 0.45?m, 1?m, 3?m, 5?m, 10?m, 30?m, 60?m, both hydrophobic (for gas) and hydrophilic (for liquids) filters on request.


  • Full stainless steel design for filter housing and holdersSingle Microporous Membrane Filtration Assembly for Water and Air-wellgreen
  • Filter element can be from Milipore Pall of America
  • High filtration precision
  • Good filtering speed
  • Low adsorption
  • No dielectric loss, no leakage
  • Acid resistance, corrosion-resistance
  • Easy to clean
  • With a recoil function

How to Installing:

-1. Thoroughly clean the filter and filter connecting parts, properly installed filters and housing.

-2. Boot before the first check whether clockwise pressure pump, check, for tight, the valve is closed.

-3. Slowly open the boot before the first inlet valve, through the exhaust, then open the valve for normal filtering.

-4. If you detect filtration pressure difference is greater than 0.1Mpa or flow significantly decreased, indicating that the filter is clogged pore most recommended manufactures of filter cleaning or replacement.


Suitable for bio-pharmaceutical, electronics, beer, beverage, chemical, water treatment and other filtration equipments.


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