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    Covid-19 on beer packaging was found. Jiangsu and Tianjin reported yesterday that a positive nucleic acid reaction was detected on the outer packaging of a batch of beer imported from the United States. The beer was imported from the United States in batches from October 20, 2020 to January 6, 2021 and shipped to Tianjin […]   Read More >>
    There Is Still Demand For Rush Work Before Winter For Sanitary Stainless Steel Pipes Since August this year, the equatorial Central and Eastern Pacific has entered the La Niña state. According to China’s National Climate Center, the state of La Niña will continue to be maintained in the fall, and it is expected to reach […]   Read More >>
    The Macro Environment Of China’s Sanitary Stainless Steel Pipe Market Today, the price of sanitary stainless steel pipe has increased since last weekend, and it has increased significantly today. Raw materials rose more than finished materials, iron ore rose by more than 4%, approaching the 860 yuan mark, and coke rose by more than 3%, […]   Read More >>
    Food safety begins with strict sanitary conditions, and nickel-containing stainless steel is a high-quality and reliable guarantee for all links in the food chain. At present, the issue of food supply and food safety is highly valued globally. According to data from the World Health Organization, every year 10% of people get sick from eating […]   Read More >>
    JISCO Successfully Developed J430 Antibacterial Sanitary Tubings After the occurrence of COVID-19, a stainless steel sanitary tubings R&D project with “antibacterial” as the main difficulty was included in the JISCO scientific research work schedule. After more than three months of hard work, JISCO successfully developed J430 sanitary tubes. The first batch of products has been […]   Read More >>
    This week, the market price of sanitary stainless steel tubings continued to weaken, and the decline continued to increase. In the case of futures decline, the spot price continued to fall. Since the start of production in more than four months, the actual demand will have a significant increase, which will have certain support for […]   Read More >>