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    In the field of sanitary stainless steel products, 304 and 316L stainless steel are the most common materials, such as 316L sanitary stainless steel tubings, 304 sanitary ball valves. The difference between 304 and 316: 1. The metal composition 304 stainless steel contains an average of 9% nickel, while 316 stainless steel contains an average […]   Read More >>
    Advantages and disadvantage of Hot rolling and cold rolling of stainless steel Hot rolling and cold rolling are the two most commonly used processes for forming steel or steel plates. They are also the most basic steel processing methods. This two treatments can have a great impact on the structure and performance of stainless steel. […]   Read More >>
    Classification And Technical Use Of Clamps First of all, let’s understand what a sanitary clamp is? Although this term doesn’t work on pipes, it has a great effect; so far, many people still don’t know what the clamp looks like. There are many sanitary clamps includes heavy duty single pin clamp, double pins clamp and […]   Read More >>
    Why does 316 sanitary seamless pipes needs to be annealed With the wide application of stainless steel in all walks of life, especially in food processing, food machinery, dairy products and other industries, as the market’s quality requirements for stainless steel pipes are becoming more and more demanding, the product’s smoothness, outer diameter and wall […]   Read More >>
    Can the price of sanitary seamless pipe continue to rise in the later stage? Nearly halfway through August, the off-season demand for traditional seasonal sanitary seamless pipe has entered a countdown, and the peak demand season is coming. Under the influence of the rush period after the epidemic, the price of sanitary seamless pipes in […]   Read More >>
    What are Nickel? Ferronickel? Nickel Pig Iron? Nickel-based Alloys? Through this article,, the sanitary pipe fittings supplier will introduce to you what nickel, nickel iron, nickel pig iron and nickel-based alloys are, their characteristics, uses, etc. Nickel Nickel is a transition metal element, element symbol Ni, located in group VIII of the fourth period, […]   Read More >>