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Stainless steel Sanitary pipes and fittings

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Over the past 10 years, we have developed more than 30 products, including but not limited to stainless steel sanitary pipe, pipe fittings, valves, manhole covers, pipe supports, sight glasses, vacuum fittings & valves, etc., covering the entire piping system. We also accept customized non-standard fabrication, and our products comply with DIN,3A,SMS,ISO,AS and other national standards.

Hygienic Fittings

Sanitary Valves
Vacuum Fittings
sanitary tube
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We provide top quality sanitary valves.

Its delicacy and sturdiness, like a perfect combination of art and technology, make every water flow switch a feast of sight and touch.

High quality valves

The bathroom valve, like an elf guarding the family, silently guards the purity and flow of every drop of water

Precision workmanship

Its beauty and practicality coexist, embellishing a corner of the bathroom like an artwork, adding a touch of brightness to our lives.

Application cases
The sanitary fittings we produce are mainly used in industries such as beer and beverage factories, pharmaceutical factories, cheese and milk factories, etc
Applied to breweries

They are like blood vessels in the brewing process, connecting various links to ensure smooth flow of raw materials, fermentation broth, finished wine, etc

Applied to pharmaceuticals

Widely used in the transportation and distribution systems of liquids and gases. Through carefully designed pipe connections, pharmaceutical equipment can efficiently collaborate to ensure the continuity and reliability of drug production..

Applied to dairy factories

It can ensure that milk is not contaminated during transportation, maintaining its original purity and freshness. At the same time, sealing is also crucial to prevent milk leakage and bacterial invasion, thereby ensuring the hygiene and safety of milk.

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We provide top quality hygienic fittings.

They are like guardians of home, silently guarding our daily lives, bringing us convenience and comfort, and allowing us to feel the warmth and care of home.

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Providing professionalism for every family

Ensure safety

Fully committed to health and safety

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Quality assurance and service first. Choose our bathroom accessories and enjoy a worry free shopping experience.

Safe and reliable

Provide us with safe and reliable sanitary accessories

Unique structure

Exquisite craftsmanship makes every product a dual enjoyment of visual and tactile senses.

Your needs, our pursuit; Your satisfaction is our honor.

Their existence, like elegant notes, plays wonderful movements in our lives, allowing us to find a moment of tranquility and relaxation in the busy life.

why choose wellgreen
Wellgreen focuses on the design and technical development of sanitary fittings, managing and providing comprehensive production, high-quality data analysis, and fast sales services.


Our team not only possesses excellent professional abilities in their respective fields, but also faces challenges and overcomes difficulties together with a spirit of collaboration.


From precise components to efficient power systems, every detail reflects the exquisite technology and pursuit of quality.


From material selection to craftsmanship, from design to production, every step has been carefully polished and strictly controlled, ensuring excellent product quality.