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Since its establishment, Wenzhou Watson has been committed to providing excellent products and services to international customers. With advanced technology and equipment, we focus on manufacturing sanitary grade pipe fittings and apply them in industries such as breweries and dairy factories.

We sell sanitary fittings, valves, pumps & parts, tubing, hoses, hangers, gaskets, and customized fabrications, the sizes ranging from ½” to 12”, including a complete line of BioPharm fittings from sizes ½” to 6”. Valve line includes, ball, butterfly, check, seat, long stroke, mix proof, PMO, diaphragm and sampling. All valves can be supplied with a variety of actuation and control packages.Sanitary pump line includes both centrifugal and positive displacement pumps.

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Product quality inspection is checked layer by layer.Multiple product testing with the goal of meeting all your needs


Cutting-edge production facilities and modern equipment allow for an efficient manufacturing process,Creating hygienic standards

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Advanced technology is necessary to create products that meet customer needs, enabling rapid production, timely delivery, and corresponding after-sales service