• Stainless steel hygienic fittings are the major parts for a hygiene process system. To be one of hygienic solution provider, Wellgreen manufactures and supplies an extensive sanitary pipe fittings includes DIN/SMS/3A/IDF/RTJ/ISO/BS weld fittings, unions, tri-clamps, Ferrules, clamp fittings and spool tubings etc. We are assuredly capable of supplying qualified hygienic Fittings comply to your high purity condition and FDA, GMP requirement Welcome Us.
ASME BPE Fittings
Bevel Seat Fittings
I-Line Fittings
Sanitary Clamps
Sanitary Ferrules
Sanitary Adapters
Sanitary Unions
Sanitary Spools
Sanitary Gaskets
Welded Fittings
Sanitary Flanges
Pipe Hangers
Unpolished Weld Fittings
  • Austenite Stainless Steel 304, 1.4308,
  • Austenite Stainless Steel 316L, 1.4404 etc.
  • Specified grade is available.
  • 3A, DIN, SMS, BS, RTJ, ISO, IDF, DS, INCH etc.
  • Dimension: 1/2in to 12in/ DN15 ~ DN300
  • Connection End: Butt-welding, Tri-Clamped, Threaded etc.
ProductTube FittingsTri-clover ClampsBPE FittingsUnion Fittings
Size1/2in ~ 12in1/2in ~ 12in1/2in~ 4in1/2in ~ 8in
MaterialStainless steel T304, T316L, 1.4308, 1.4404 etc.
Finish180grit, 240grit, 300grit, 400gritSandblastingSF-1, SF-2, SF-3, SF-4.Ra0.6µm, Ra0.8µm or on request
  • Material of stainless steel 316L and 1.4404 is from reputed mill to guarantee the chemical composition and mechanical properties. Material certificate will be submitted follow to orders.
  • Heat Treatment of solution annealing for the tube and fittings are available. The heat treated will be relief stress which caused by cold forming of fabrication, to improve the corrosion performance.
  • Fast delivery is possible to meet your needs well in time.
  • Low cost from bulk production will reduce your budget and improve your business.
  • Small quantity available.
  • Customized fabrication to client’s design,sample.
  • Material certificate is traceability.
  • PMI test to verify material grade
  • Dimension controlling during fabricating and finished
  • Visual and surface 100% examination before shipment
  • End protected for shipment
  • Packed in carton box firstly, then in wooden case

Mechanically polished and electropolished are available for our products. Outside and Inner surface can be treated complied to specified needs, and to meet FDA, GMP requirement.

  • Tube and Fittings:  Ra0.4, Ra0.6, Ra0.8  or specified ( 180grit, 240grit, 300grit, 400grit, mirror polished, sandblasting finish, brushed finish etc.)
  • Both outside and inner available.
  • Vibration polishing: suitable for materials with relatively flat surfaces, using friction and collision between abrasive particles to remove the oxide layer and defects on the surface of the sample, and improve its surface smoothness and smoothness. Generally, water or quartz sand are used as abrasives.
  • Rotating polishing: Place the sample on a rotating disc and achieve polishing by rubbing the material surface with abrasive under centrifugal force. Due to its simplicity, high efficiency, and controllable surface roughness, it is widely used in areas such as floor polishing and automotive wheel hubs.

Food, Brewery, Beverage, Dairy, Pharmaceutical, Biopharm, Fine Chemical, Personal Care Industries etc.

Your System Solution of Sanitary Fittings – Hygienic Stainless Steel Pipe Fittings

Size1/2in thru 12in
MaterialT304, T316L, EN 1.4308, EN 1.4404 etc.
Standard3A, DIN, SMS, BS, ISO, ISO, IDF,INCH etc.
End ConnectionTri-clamp, Welding, Threaded etc.
SurfaceDescaled finish, Mirror polished
GasketPTFE, EPDM, Buna-N, Silicone etc.
ApplicationFood, Brewery, Beverage, Dairy, Pharmaceutical, Fine chemical, Cosmetic etc.
How to order*Part Name*Dimension *Material *Quantity *Polish requests for OD/ID

*For more information of sanitary stainless steel pipe fittings, please feel free to contact us.

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