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Food Grade Stainless Steel Pipe Fittings, Sanitary Valves


What We Do

We are a leading manufacturer and supplier of stainless steel food grade tube and fittings in China. Our products include sanitary pipe fittings, sanitary stainless steel tube, sanitary valves, vacuum components for food, beverage, pharma, diary, brewing, semiconductor, fine chemistry etc.

Sanitary Tube & Fittings

Full Range of Sanitary Fittings to DIN, SMS, 3A, BS, IDF, ISO. 

Sanitary Valves

Sanitary Valves, including diverter valves, safy valve etc.

Vacuum Components

High Vacuum & Ultra High Vacuum Fittings and Valves

Package Solutions for

Food grade and High Hygienic Industries

sanitary fittings for dairy

Food and Dairy

Our sanitary fittings and sanitary valves are manufactured by food grade stainless steel, FDA approved.


fine chemistry

High Purity Stainless Steel Fittings are widely used in the industries of fine chemistry and cosmetics.

stainless steel fittings for Pharma


ASME BPE Tube and Fittings, we are ability to supply the piping materials for life sciences.

vacuum fittings for Semiconductor


It is a new area for our vacuum components, we supply CF, KF, ISO series valves and fittings.

About Us

WELLGREEN, a division of Kaysuns Industry Ltd. – which its team has more than ten years experience both in industrial and sanitary fittings and valves, has good knowledge of sanitary products and equipments. Located in China’s most famous stainless steel pipe fittings manufacturing city, WELLGREEN knows well about how to control the materials, integrate into the production to ensure the quality. Supplying the best qualified products with reasonable price is our commitment to our clients.


installation & project development

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As a professional supplier of food grade stainless steel pipe fittings, sanitary valves, tank components etc. in China, we have more than 10 years for manufacturing and export experiences. Absolutely, you will win with us.


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Looking for a reliable partner of stainless steel pipe fittings and sanitry valves ?


WELLGREEN, a division of Kaysuns Industry Ltd, focus on supplying of food grade and high purity stainless steel pipe fittings, sanitary valves, tank components etc. The products are widely used in food, dairy, beer, brewing,



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