Sanitary Mixer/Blender

Sanitary Mixer also named sanitary blender, it is made in stainless steel 304 or 316L on request. Sanitary mixer can be prepared for slurry and solid materials such as syrup, derivatives, powdered milk, cocoa, whey, starch, salt water and other Dairy desserts, also it is idea for wine filtration, cheese making industry, pesticides and fertilizers. Sanitary mixer can be installed with sanitary rotary lobe pump to dispose of viscosity material well, it also can be equipped with a sanitary centrifugal pump to make high solid content material well. Wellgreen provides various sanitary pumps for your processing equipment.


Design and Features

  • Split type design of mixer and motor.
    sanitary mixing pump and blenders of wellgreen
  • Full stainless steel, good corrosion resistance.
  • Open impeller design, low resistance
  • Non-dead angle, fast flow speed, effective mixing
  • Suitable for widely working condition.
  • Variety mediums, including slurry and solid material.
  • Available to equiped with other pumps and valves to get better result.
  • Hygienic design.


  • Wetted materials: AISI 304/316L.
  • Other parts: AISI 304.
  • Gaskets (standard): EPDM(FDA 177.2600).
  • Mechanical sealing(standard): 304/316L+Graphite/SiC.
  • Internal surface finish: Ra<=0.5?m.
  • External surface finish: Ra<=0.8?m.

Operating Principles

Open the inlet of sanitary mixer and make liquid into the mixing chamber (pump head), the liquid enters into the high speed rotating impeller mixing chamber , open the controlled butterfly valve of the hopper, pumping the hopper materials. The material and liquid will be mixed efficiently under the high speed rotating of impeller, then discharged. There is an opening adjustment butterfly valve under the hopper to control the inlet of material and liquid flow.

*Note: The material mixing pump can be used as a transfer pump, but it is better to separate it if there is not special necessary.When the material pumping reduced or can not the material, need to be properly adjusted and reduce the fluid volume of inlet valve. When the outlet pressure is big, the material inhaled volume will greatly reduce, if the discharge pressure or resistance is very large, a centrifugal pump should be added in the outlet the mixing pump.

Technical specifications

  • Outlet flow: 10-20T/hsanitary mixing pump blenders of wellgreen
  • Outlet pressure: 2.0~3.6bar
  • Inlet max. pressure: 4bar/58 PSI
  • Max.working temperature: 125°C/257°F
  • Motor power: 4-7.5kw (ABB motor)
  • Motor frequency: 50Hz/60Hz
  • Max. revolving speed: 2900~3440 rpm
  • Impeller type: open impeller
  • Shaft seal type: water seal type, single mechanical seal device


  • Gaskets: FPM (VitorR) or PTFEsanitary mixer pump blenders of wellgreen
  • Pneumatic valves
  • High-low level sensors
  • Pneumatic or electric vibrators


Threaded, Tri-clamp etc.


  • Switchboard is available for this pump, to protecting the operating of the equipment.
  • The common function of standard switchboard:
    1. Turn on/Turn off
    2. Emergency stop
    3. Motor protection


Idea for in line processing of whey, syrup, derivatives, powdered milk, cocoa, dairy, wine filtration, cheese making industry, pesticides and fertilizers etc.

*For more information about sanitary mixer pumps, please contact us.


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