Sanitary Ball Valve

Sanitary Ball Valve is suitable for any pipeline to control the flow either automatically or manually. Wellgreen sanitary provide sanitary ball valves with full bore or reduced bore design, in stainless steel 304 or 316L with different connection end. The sanitary ball valve is compact and simple design, and easy to maintain, with a full diameter from 1/2″ to 4″, and meet the stringent requirement of high purity sanitary industries of Food, Brewery, Beverage, Dairy, Pharmaceutical, Biopharma etc. Wellgreen is your reliable source for sanitary valves and fittings.


    • Compact and simple design — Easy to install into most any process line, the straight forward floating ball design guarantees a tight seal and permits axial movement while preventing rotation. They are water hammer-safe and completely insensitive to pressure shocks in the pipelines. There are four configurations for sanitary ball valve:

— Sanitary straight way ball valve consists of a valve body, two flanges, a ball and PTFE seats.

— Sanitary 3 way ball valve: It has two configurations: T type and L type. It consists of one valve body, valve covers and PTFE valve seats. It is installed with Tri-clamped or threaded ends.

— Sanitary 2 pieces portable ball valve: a precision made ball is positioned between two PTFE seats inside valve bodies connecting by a clamp. It is installed with clamped or threaded ends. A drain outlet is available on request.

— Sanitary butterfly ball valve: It is composed of two valve bodies, a ball and a sealing unit.

    • Reliable full-flow performance — Sanitary ball valve is full-bore flow valves that provide on/off control with minimal pressure drop. The valve opening has a constant pipeline diameter, which enables fluids to flow freely through the valves when open. Flow restriction is comparable to that of a straight tube. This makes the sanitary ball valve suitable for:
      1. Handling fluids that are viscous or contain solid, semi-solid or abrasive particles;
      2. Use wherever pigging of process lines is a major consideration;
      3. Applications that require gentle product treatment;
    • Automatic or manual control — Sanitary ball valve can be operated by a pneumatic actuator or manually operated by means of a handle.
  • Easy to maintain — Sanitary ball valves design with few moving parts enables easy access to all valve components, making maintenance quick and easy. Durable PTFE gasket valve seats help extending service life. No special tools required for maintenance


Stainless Steel 304,316L or en.1.4301, 1.4404 etc. Specified grade is available.


  •     Material of stainless steel 316L and 1.4404 is from reputed mill to guarantee the chemical composition and mechanical propertis. Material certificate will be submitted follow to orders.
  •     Forged valve body and disc to control the leakage and visual.
  •     Superior facilities and good experiences for fabrication.
  •     In ability to improve and develop new design.
  •     Fast delivery is possible to meet your needs well in time.
  •     Low cost from bulk production will reduce your budget and improve your business.
  •     Small quantity available.

   Quality & Inspection:

  •      PMI test to verify material grade
  •      Dimension controlling during fabricating and finished
  •      Visual and surface 100% examination before shipment
  •      Packed in carton box firstly, then in wooden case
  •      Third party inspection available.


    Food, Brewery, Beverage, Dairy, Pharmaceutical, Biopharma etc.

Technical Specifications

General Specifications of Sanitary Ball Valve

Working Pressure

DN25 ~ DN65 / 1” ~2½ ”

0~10 bar

DN80 ~ DN100 / 3” ~ 4”

0~10 bar



Working Pressure

-10°C ~ +121°C(EPDM/PTFE)

Sterilization Temperature

150°C (Max 20min)

Surface Finish

Internal Surface Finish


Internal Surface Finish



Connection Standards


Connection Methods

Thread and Clamp


Metal Material

Product Wetted

304 (1.4301) or 316L (1.4404) forged

Other Steel Parts

304 (1.4301)

EN 10204 3.1B certificate is available on request.

Seal Material





All seal materials comply with FDA 177.2600.

Manual Handles & Pneumatic Actuator

Manual Handle

2-position handle




Stainless Steel Pneumatic

Actuator (Vertical)


Air/Air (A/A)


Normally Closed (NC)/ Normally Open (NO)


Aluminum Alloy Pneumatic

Actuator (Horizontal)


Air/Air (A/A)


Normally Closed (NC)/ Normally Open (NO)

Air Supply

Dry & Filtered Compressed Air

*For more information of Sanitary Ball Valve, please contact us for details.


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