Sanitary Electric Actuated Butterfly Valves

Sanitary Electric Actuated Butterfly Valves

Sanitary Electric Butterfly Valve is electric actuator operated sanitary butterfly valves. We provides full line electric butterfly valve from 1/2″ to 8″ in stainless steel T304, T316L etc, including flanged electric butterfly valve, threaded electric butterfly valve, tri-clamped electric butterfly valve, welded electric butterfly valve etc. The electric actuator can be assemblied upon client’s request, either of China origin or EU/USA brand. Sanitary butterfly valve is our strength sanitary valves , it comply with 3A, DIN, SMS, ISO, DS standards etc, with high precision and high purity surface. Wellgreen is your reliable partner for the applications of Food, Brewery, Beverage, Dairy, Pharmaceutical etc.


Valve Types:electric-actuated-sanitary-butterfly-valve-wellgreen

  • Flanged Electric Butterfly Valve
  • Threaded Electric Butterfly Valve
  • Tri-clamped Electric Butterfly Valve
  • Welded Electric Butterfly Valve

Parameter of Electric Actuator:

  • Protection degree: IP-67.
  • Environment temperature: -2°C ~ 60°C (other temperature can be custom made).
  • Installment angle: any angle.
  • Material of body: aluminum alloy diecasting.
  • Features optional: torque than the protection, heated dehumidifier, over-heat protection.
  • Hand operation: by detachable hexagon.
  • Spacing: electrically: completely close and open limit switch.
  • Manually: link stopper.
  • Input signal: 4-20mA.DC, 1-5V.DC, 0-10V.DC (other signals can be chose before leaving factory).
  • Output signal: 4-20m A.DC, 0-10V.DC (other signals can be chose before leaving factory).
  • Voltage: AC.24V 110V 220V 380V DC.24V Frequency: 50HZ,60 HZ.
  • Type of control: on-off indicator light, passive contact point, opening position, intelligent control
  • Switching time(S): 9,10,13,15,20,25,30,50,60,1000.


  • Forged valve body – stainless steel T304, T316L.
  • Simple and robust design.
  • Low pressure losing.
  • Renewable design of valve body.
  • Every connection of flanged, butt welded, tri-clamp, threaded etc.
  • Different series of DIN, 3A, SMS, ISO, IDF, RJT, DS on request.
  • Electric actuator brand on request.
  • Sealing materials conform to FDA 177.2600.


Pharmacy, Beer, Food, BioPharm, Dairy, Beverage,Biotech ,Cosmetics etc.

Sanitary Electric Butterfly Valves Specification

PRODUCT Sanitary Electric Butterfly Valve
DIMENSION 1/2″ ~ 8″
MATERIAL T304, T316L, 1.4301, 1.4404 etc.
TEMPERATURE -2°C / 28.4°F up to +60°C/ +140°F
Pressure 0.2 – 10bar
Operation Electric actuator

Pharmacy, Beer, Food, Petroleum, Dairy, Beverage,Biotech ,Cosmetics etc.

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